Fourth Stimulus Check: Expected Date and Eligibility, [Latest Update]

Fourth Stimulus Check 2023: Many people still rely on the IRS Tax Fourth Stimulus Checks to pay for necessities like rent. But will the federal government make another direct payment? It is important to remember that the next installment of stimulus funding is contingent on Congress and President Biden passing a statute enabling additional payments. … Read more

Climate Action Incentive Payment 2023: When Will You Get Yours? Eligibility, Dates & Application Process

The Canada Revenue Agency’s Climate Action Incentive Payments (CAIPs) program provides tax-free assistance to individuals and families to help them deal with the financial burdens of new regulations designed to reduce pollution. Residents of Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba (where the federal gasoline levy now applies) will have access to CAIP beginning July 1, 2023; … Read more

US Federal Government Shutdown 2023: What could happen, Why the US Could Face a Government Shutdown

US Federal Government Shutdown 2023: A shutdown of the federal government of the United States occurs when Congress fails to adopt all 12 yearly appropriations bills by September 30. For the fourth time, this has happened because of President Trump’s demand for wall money. Grants that help low-income Americans with food and housing costs, as well … Read more