Chris from Season 2 of “Claim to Fame”: Who Is He and to whom he is related?

Seven competitors have already been eliminated from the second season of Claim to Fame. The show selects 12 people to reside in a Hollywood home, each with a famous relative they must conceal. One nepotistic success kid’s ‘claim to fame’ is unveiled every week. The grand reward of $100,000 goes to the person who can maintain the identity of their famous relative a secret until the very end.

On “Claim to Fame,” to whom is Chris related?

On “Claim to Fame,” to whom is Chris related? Many people have wondered this since the show’s launch on July 11, 2023, on ABC. Do Chris’s connections set him apart from the other contestants, or is he another face in the crowd?

Chris told the other candidates on the season 2 premiere of Claim to Fame that his famous cousin had a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Chris played the guitar and sang at the talent event. He said in his confession that singing is a family forte. Chris explained that he resembles him physically and sounds like him when he sings.

In the second episode, Monay discovers Chris’s clue. There’s a puppy, a heart, an eye, a babushka, a door icon, and seven shirts. She doesn’t figure it out in this episode, but she and Jane discuss it in the third. Because of this, Jane assumes erroneously that he is Elvis Presley’s relative.

The third episode’s clue was “Puppy Love,” which prompted Chris to believe Monay had stolen his clue. In episode 5 of Claim to Fame, Chris revealed that his famous cousin has been performing in Las Vegas for almost 13 years and that the limerick line “promoted where betting is legal” was his clue.

Chris’s relative, Jim Carrey, is a popular theory among the other participants in episode six. Still, they eventually concede that it doesn’t suit his hint about a “teen idol” from the 1970s. In episode seven, the competitors learn that Chris has a cousin who wears a coat of many colors and hails from Utah during a task. Home viewers may have made the connection that Chris is the son of singer Donny Osmond after seeing this. Osmond is a prominent Utah native who appeared in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” had a number-one hit with “Puppy Love,” and was born in Utah.

Can Chris win Claim to Fame Season 2?

Chris can win season 2 of Claim to Fame if he can conceal his true identity throughout the competition. The game requires intelligence, observation, and thought, all of which he possesses in plenty. It’s brilliant of him to form an alliance in secret with Gabriel since they might be able to make it to the conclusion of Claim to Fame together.

Chris’s likable personality, relationships, and rivalries have struck a chord with viewers. Many people now anticipate his weekly progress on “Claim to Fame” with great anticipation.

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