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Channel 4’s Presenting Exploring India’s Treasures With Bettany Hughes will undoubtedly leave you dissatisfied. Come along as “adventurous” Professor Bettany Hughes shows you the temples, palaces, and archaeological sites of India, which will surely capture your attention. Your next trip to India will be promptly planned after gaining ethereal insights into the local festivities and traditions!

However, the show is only available in the UK because it premieres on Channel 4, a UK-only service. Users in the United States can unblock Exploring India’s Treasures with Bettany Hughes using a virtual private network (VPN) to get around regional restrictions.

How to Watch Exploring India’s Treasures With Bettany Hughes in the UK

On Sunday, July 9, 2023, at 9 p.m., local time, Channel 4 will air Exploring India’s Treasures with Bettany Hughes. Two episodes of the documentary series, each lasting an hour, will premiere on July 4 on the Channel 4 streaming site. Although a live stream of Bettany Hughes’ latest documentary, Exploring India’s Treasures, is not currently accessible, the film can be viewed on demand for free with a valid login.

This is a free service sponsored by advertisements, but for an additional $3.99/month or $39.99/year, you may remove the commercials and gain access to Channel 4+. Due to geo-restrictions, Channel 4’s services are only accessible within the United Kingdom. However, you may bypass this restriction while overseas by connecting to a server in the United Kingdom with a high-quality VPN program.

Can I Watch Bettany Hughes and the Secrets of India from the U.S., Canada, or Australia?

Unfortunately, no release dates have been revealed for countries other than the United Kingdom, so you won’t see Exploring India’s Treasures With Bettany Hughes soon.

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Channel 4 is blocked in the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries. However, a VPN service will allow you to watch Exploring India’s Treasures with Bettany Hughes online for free. The solution is as simple as connecting to a server located in the United Kingdom.

What are some of the best parts of Bettany Hughes’ Exploring India’s Treasures?


The first destination on Hughes’ journey is the holy city of Varanasi, where she can attend a memorial service for her late mother. She explains that this ritual is known as the Pind Daan. The purpose of the ritual is to set free the spirits of those who have passed on. The deceased’s soul is appeased by the sacrifice of one mind or rice ball. Now I have both food and wool to provide for my forefathers. The departed are seen as returning to the universe. Thus, the offerings are taken to the river. It’s about the endless loop of love and life.

Taj Mahal

While seeing northern India in the premiere’s second half, Hughes learns a little-known fact about Agra’s Taj Mahal. This iconic monument has long been linked with mourning since it was constructed to contain the burial of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan’s wife.

All of us are familiar with the Taj Mahal and its iconic postcard image, as Hughes puts it. However, few people have visited its lost gardens because they were meant to be a somber private space. The Taj Mahal is a monument to love and grief, and this is a series about discovering gems that make us care.

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Toda Culture

In the second episode, Hughes continues her expedition into the Nigri highlands in search of the ladies of the indigenous Toda people. Hughes says, “It’s not just about observing the passing landscape from a train.” He emphasizes the significance of cultural awareness. It’s important to show respect for the indigenous communities whose territory we cross. THE TODA LADIES HAVE MADE ME FEEL WELCOME since I am a woman and a vegetarian. I was also shown how to use buffalo milk to tame my naturally curly hair in that environment.

Chola Bronzes

In the same show, Hughes goes to a temple in Thanjavur built about the year thousand. Here she sees local master sculptors at work, using time-honored methods to make stunning Chola bronzes. They cut beautiful sculptures out of beeswax and cast them in metal, using a method similar to the ‘lost-wax process’ used to make stunning sculptures for the Acropolis in Athens, to which Hughes responds with enthusiasm because of her knowledge of ancient Greek and Roman art.

How many episodes does Exploring India’s Treasures with Bettany Hughes have?

The documentary “Exploring India’s Treasures with Bettany Hughes” is split into two parts. Each episode is described below.

First Episode

Bettany visits New Delhi in the premiere to learn more about Sufism and the rich history of Akbar the Great, one of India’s most renowned emperors. She travels to Akbar’s historic capital of Fatehpur Sikri and learns about his efforts to unite India’s many faiths. Following in James Bond’s footsteps, Bettany also visits the stunning Udaipur lakeside palaces. Amritsar is where her travels through Northern India come to an end. She experiences the Langar, a free community kitchen for Sikh pilgrims at the Golden Temple.

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Second Episode

In the second episode, Bettany travels to southern India to explore the ruins of Hampi’s ancient city in Karnataka, which dates back 500 years. She then follows the crowds of devotees to the Thanjavur granite temple, which dates back a thousand years. Bettany spends her final night in India, seeing the hypnotic Theyyam dance in Kerala. The dancers attain a trancelike condition and take on divine attributes throughout this. A look into southern India’s distinct culture and scenery is provided as she travels through the tranquil backwaters of Kerala.

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