Make Mobile Not Reachable with These 10 Simple Tricks[ Don’t Try Last One]

Mobile phones are designed to simplify communication, but what do you do if you don’t want anyone prying into your personal life? It isn’t very pleasant to receive a call you didn’t ask for, and there’s not much you can do about it. You’d rather not take calls from loved ones for several reasons. And there will be occasions when you have to answer calls you’d rather not. Learn some easy methods to render your mobile device unreachable. There is no need for technical expertise.

Airplane/Flight Mode

Putting your phone into flight mode is the simplest way to make it inaccessible. It will make the caller believe that you are unavailable due to a technical issue on their end or with the Network.

Your phone’s flight mode may be activated by tapping the airplane icon on the top quick settings bar. Holding a phone’s power button for two seconds will also bring up this menu. Just make sure it’s turned on. This is a great method for making your phone unreachable.

Manually Select Your Network

Altering the network settings is yet another foolproof method of rendering your phone unreachable. Your phone will automatically connect to the fastest and most reliable Network available. However, you may also choose the Network manually, which will render your phone number unreachable if it uses a network that is now unavailable.

This is yet another foolproof method of rendering a phone unusable. Navigate to “Network Selection,” “Additional Settings,” “Automatic,” or “Manual” to make your choice. Select Network manually and hang on for another 10 seconds or so. The phone will now display the nearby network options. Your phone’s signal has just dropped, making it inaccessible.

Forward Call to a Closed Landline or mobile number

The third and simplest method is to transfer the call to a different landline or mobile in the house and then hang up. In this manner, anytime the caller dials your number, they’ll be told that your mobile device is outside the service region.

Remove Battery without Switching Off the Phone

Just take the battery out to disable your phone without turning it off. If you do this, no one can contact you again until you replace the battery. It’s common knowledge that if you take the phone’s battery out during a call, your Network will drop the connection. Phones with non-removable batteries are a bad bet for this technique.

Wrap Your Phone in Aluminum Foil

If you need to ensure your phone stays out of reach for a while, try wrapping it with aluminum foil. You’ll get the best results from this strategy if you do not use your phone in an area with a strong signal. Please ensure no voids or openings while wrapping it around your phone. Wrap your phone in two pieces of aluminum foil for added security. Once you’re done, you won’t have to worry about missed calls.

Barring a Call

Turn on Call Barring in your mobile device’s Operator-related settings to prevent incoming calls—set options for incoming and outgoing calls here. Once engaged, callers will hear a recorded message saying their phone is off or busy.

In addition, your SIM provider will promptly send you a message with the contact information of the person who called you. Keep in mind that certain service providers only provide this feature for free.

Put the sim card away

Sim removal and reinsertion should be a breeze if your phone’s tray is above the battery. The phone will no longer recognize the SIM card until restart. Your smartphone will no longer accept calls from that SIM card.

Make use of your data Pack

This tip is especially beneficial if you have a data connection pack. Then, using a variety of web browsers, begin downloading as many files as possible from the internet. Your Network will be over loaded and jammed, and you will hear the “mobile phone not reachable” tone whenever someone tries to call you. Wi-Fi users should know that this technique will fail to be successful.

Get a third-party app

Various apps are designed to prevent your phone from being used inappropriately. Mobile number-blocking applications may also prevent certain people from reaching your phone. Be wary of call-blocking software that claims to come from an outside source.

There are various programs like “Truecaller” and “Phone Signal Jammer” available on app stores that promise to block cell coverage, rendering your phone number unreachable.

Blocking incoming calls

You may turn off incoming calls from a certain number by entering your phone’s settings. Then, after tapping the “More” button, choose the “Blocking” option. Then, you may block the number by adding it to your list of saved contacts. Then, you can choose which kinds of calls you wish to stop receiving. You can either completely prevent calls from a given number from ever reaching you, or you may selectively accept calls from a limited set of numbers.

To add your phone number to the national Do Not Call registry, dial 18883821222 (voice) or 18662904236 (TTY) at no cost. To register a new phone number, you must call in from that number. You may join the national Do-Not-Call registry by adding your wireless phone number at


You can prevent strangers from calling your smartphone by following the advice in this blog post. To avoid unwanted calls and secure your personal information, you may block specific numbers, redirect incoming calls, and disable certain apps. Be sure to return to the site for future updates on how to block annoying calls.

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