Russell Brand serious accusations YouTube blocks Russell Brand and BBC removes content

A week after four women accused Russell Brand of rape and sexual assault, he reappears in a conspiracy-filled film. The previous week has been “amazing and painful,” according to the comedian. Russell Brand, in front of his 6.64 million YouTube followers, revealed that he is moving his program to the subscription-based video platform Rumble because of its steadfast dedication to free expression.

In a startling joint investigation that has taken The Times, The Sunday Times, and Channel 4 nearly five years to complete, four women have accused Brand of acts ranging from rape to sexual assault. In response, the BBC, Channel 4, and Big Brother producer Banijay all launched inquiries into the claims, while Brand lost his agent and book publisher, had his live tour postponed, and had advertisements removed from his YouTube channel.

Russell Brand: Serious Allegations and Scandals

Four more women have accused Brand, 48, of rape, sexual assault, or abuse dating back to between 2006 and 2013.

Media sources reported on September 16 that the alleged instances occurred between 2006 and 2013 while Brand was working as a broadcaster for BBC Radio 2 and Channel 4 and as an actor in Hollywood films. Four of the five women have chosen to remain nameless, and one of them was only 16 at the time.

A lady, whom the BBC is only identifying as “Olivia” to protect her privacy, has come forward to accuse Brand of sexual assault in 2008. To the best of BBC News’ knowledge, this is the first time he has been accused of sexual misconduct and then overheard discussing the alleged occurrence.

According to BBC News, this raises major issues for the network regarding how the pre-recorded segment of the show was managed to air so soon after its first taping.

Fifteen years ago, Olivia said Brand exposed himself to her at her workplace near the BBC in Los Angeles.

She said she let Brand and his crew inside the studio on June 16, 2008, to pre-record an edition of The Russell Brand Show for Radio 2. According to Olivia, Brand was waiting for her when she emerged from the restroom.

Brand allegedly told her he was going to have sex with her, but she told the BBC, “no, you’re not.” She said, “and I yelled no, no, no,” claiming he then exposed his genitalia to her. According to Olivia, Brand reinserted his privates into his pants.

On September 15, Brand posted a video to his social media accounts disputing upcoming “extremely severe criminal” claims relating to his “promiscuous” behavior in the past. In the video, the actor categorically denies the allegations, calling them “very flagrant and violent attacks.”

Since publishing allegations of rape, sexual assault, and abuse by multiple women on Saturday in a joint investigation run with The Sunday Times and the Channel 4 current affairs show Dispatches, “several women” have contacted the U.K. newspaper The Times, according to an article published on September 18th.

The Controversial Trusted News Initiative and Other Issues

The Trusted News Initiative (TNI), a media alliance to combat false news and disinformation, will be one of the subjects Russell Brand plans to discuss. Brand states that TNI is actively working to suppress and control his non-profit news organization. It is not just the TNI that he plans to attack, but also the deep state, corporate collaboration, big pharma, media corruption, and censorship. Brand says he needs his fans’ backing more than ever and that they should give it to him without question.

Russell Brand has had stand-up performances postponed and is now facing sanctions from YouTube and the BBC

After many women accused the comedian-turned-influencer of sexual assault, YouTube said on Tuesday that Russell Brand will no longer earn money from the video streaming platform. The BBC has joined the increasing number of institutions that have distanced themselves from the musician, who denies sexual assault and has not been charged with any charges.

During the next two weeks, Brand will be in the United Kingdom for three separate stand-up performances as part of his Bipolarisation tour. The claims, however, caused their postponement.

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