Travis King US Soldier Detained in North Korea, Everything you Need to Know

The U.S. Department of Defense claims that an American soldier entered North Korea illegally and is now in the country’s custody. The situation is expected to worsen between the United States and North Korea and may even push the United States to engage in unusual discussions with North Korea.

Private Travis King, a U.S. soldier, crossed the heavily guarded Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) into North Korea on Tuesday, putting the United States in a difficult position. North Korea has been unresponsive to attempts to negotiate his release. No response has been received from North Korea to the Pentagon’s inquiry into King’s whereabouts.

Who is Private Travis King?

U.S. officials have confirmed that Private 2nd Class Travis King, age 23, is the service member in question. According to military records given by Army spokesperson Bryce Dubee, King has been a cavalry scout in the United States Army since January 2021 and has not been deployed. As part of the United States’ commitment to South Korea’s security, he serves as a Cavalry Scout in the Korean Rotational Force. A United States Armed Forces veteran, King was honored with the National Defense Service Medal, the Korean Defense Service Medal, and the Overseas Service Ribbon for his service.

Private Travis King was just released from a South Korean Detention Center

After spending two months in a South Korean prison on assault allegations, King was just freed. The Associated Press writes that on July 10, King was freed from a jail in South Korea and was scheduled to travel to the United States to face more military disciplinary punishment.

According to the Associated Press and other South Korean news sites, King was arrested in September for reportedly hitting a South Korean national at a bar. According to the media, he was sentenced to jail time and a fine of roughly $4,000 for disorderly conduct and public damage after he reportedly kicked a police cruiser and refused to cooperate with authorities during his arrest while hurling racial slurs toward Koreans.

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What Private Travis King has done and why?

In order to face probable additional disciplinary punishment in the United States, King, who had just been freed from a South Korean jail, was escorted by the military to Incheon International Airport outside Seoul, the capital.

According to NBC News, citing a senior administration source, the man did not go to his gate but instead joined a commercial tour group on its way to the joint security area. The Demilitarized Zone separates North and South Korea by around 155 miles, with the only point of contact being the truce hamlet of Panmunjom, located about an hour and a half from the airport.

New Zealander Sarah Leslie, who was on King’s trip, described the group as “sort of milling around” as the tour ended, with South Korean and American forces keeping watch. In contrast, North Korean soldiers looked to be hidden inside a structure.

What was the reason for his confinement in a South Korean detention facility?

A U.S. official claims that King spent 47 days in a prison centre in South Korea after getting into a fight with locals. According to media reports from South Korea, after a night of heavy drinking in a Seoul nightclub last September, King reportedly hit a man many times in the face. South Korean media also reports that in October, he kicked and smashed the door of a police patrol car that had been dispatched to the site of a suspected attack in Seoul.

What happened when King crossed the border?

A now-deleted Facebook post from a tour group member said that the King had laughed loudly before running between two buildings and entering North Korea. According to the A.P., one of the group members stated that King looked to be traveling alone and wore a simple T-shirt and trousers.

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According to Sarah Leslie, he waited until the end of the tour to make his move, vanishing into a tiny path between the DMZ’s renowned blue structures, all without raising suspicion from the South Korean soldiers standing watch. It is still unclear if King escaped North Korea on purpose or whether it was a spontaneous decision. According to some experts, it may take many days of preparation merely to get to the Demilitarized Zone.

Travis King History of assault

King has a history of aggressive conduct. According to South Korean court records, he was fined for one of two assault cases he faced in 2017. After being denied a drink in a bar in Mapo-gu, Seoul, in October, he is said to have pushed and punched the victim many times in the face, according to papers from the Seoul Western District Court.

After being arrested for the attack, King allegedly made derogatory comments against Korea, the Korean army, and the Korean police while sitting in the back of a patrol car, as stated in the court record.

The paper also included an assault case from September 2022 against King, which was dismissed after the accused victim decided not to file charges. After an inquiry into an incident in September of last year, South Korean police informed CNN that King was transferred to U.S. military police. It is unclear if the event they discussed was the same one that led to the judge dismissing the case.

Can U.S. authorities successfully negotiate with North Korea and return King home?

Because of the absence of official contacts, each attempt at communication with North Korea is difficult. When dealing with North Korea, the U.S. often uses the services of its Swedish and South Korean colleagues. However, due to the ongoing pandemic-related border closure, diplomatic personnel are now absent from the nation.

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White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of State are working with the United Nations “to ascertain more information and resolve this situation.” However, she declined to comment on how much political capital the Biden administration would spend to secure the soldier’s safe return.

The United Nations Command, led by the highest U.S. military commander in South Korea, is in nearly daily touch with the Korean People’s Army in North Korea. The United States submitted its request through the United Nations Command but has received no response.

America’s troubled past with North Korea

Some Americans arrested in North Korea for unauthorized entry have been freed as quickly as six months after their arrest. The scenario is already complicated because no American soldier has defected to the North in recent memory.

In 2018, after entering North Korea from China, the government detained Bruce Byron Lowrance. Warmbier was given a 15-year jail term in North Korea, but he could return to the United States 17 months after suffering a severe brain impairment. The U.S. government claims Warmbier was beaten severely while in North Korea and died soon after returning home.

Despite the lack of clarity and rising tensions, efforts to learn more about PV2 King’s health and location persist behind the scenes. There is still much uncertainty, which might affect future diplomatic attempts and ties between the United States and North Korea.

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